Sunday, July 8, 2012

I will cough dust for weeks...

....but it was worth it. Here are some of the nooks and crannies of Anaverna House, a Georgian-style manor home which has fifty rooms:

I could imagine Whistler's mother wearing this.

A tablecloth (probably from India) that has BEETLE wings sewn into the fabric!!! That's what the glossy green is.

Lizzie, an American actress, at Anaverna to do a one-woman show about Charlotte Bronte, trying on authentic 19th century clothing.

We had so much fun, prowling around in the third floor storage rooms! Lizzie found undeveloped photographs.

19th century riding boots caked with dust

Can't you just see me trailing around a Dublin park?

Military cap

A poem scrawled on the attic wall in pencil, probably by a schoolboy:

Gaily sang the monks of Ely
When Cnut the king was passing by
"Row to the shore knights" said the king
And let us hear there churchmen sing

An alligator-skin wallet

I can't describe my glee in discovering Anaverna's book collection.

It is a jewel of a library, many of the books out of print now.

A lexicon of Hebrew

African tribal mask!

Asian parasol! How well-traveled they were...


Reading letters from Cambridge during frolicking college days...this one said, "The debauchery to which one can sink is shocking."

Vere's mother?

Vere's grandmother had a seventeen-inch waist!

A diary from 1882 that we found called "Red Letter Days"...but we suspect it was fabricated, due to the high-filutin' language and overly dramatic love story in it.

Vere's father, a tea plantation manager in Sri Lanka


Yes, that is a real crocodile skin and elephant hoof. 

I love the top hat.

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